Thomas Felts

We all have a unique story so here's mine regarding photography. The day my son Wyatt was born I decided to order my first DSLR camera. At the time like many of my colleagues in education I was looking for extra income. I started working for donations to gain more experience. Then after two years of throwing everything I had at photography while being told to keep my day job, commuting 10 hours a week to Topeka for my split building school counseling gig, being a father of two, and keeping my sanity, I finally took the leap to go full time. So far I am loving it! Yes I'll be keeping my credentials as a school counselor up to date but I don't see myself going back at this point. That's because I'm hooked on taking pictures and I feel like things are just getting started. Every time I get behind the camera I learn more about the craft and discover new possibilities. I truly see the value in taking pictures. My job is to provide a great experience to my clients while helping them preserve sweet memories that we all know go too fast. By providing affordable quality images I try to make this possible for everyone. It's honestly been a great adventure and I'm excited about the road ahead. I want to hear your stories and literally capture those timeless moments. Thanks for taking time to read my story and I hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely, Thomas